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2016 GMPA International Conference
2016 GMPA International Conference:
Asia Policy Development Program 2016
“Sustainable Development and Public Administration”
Asia Development Institute, Graduate School of Public Administration,
Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea
August 29 (Mon) ~ August 30 (Tue), 2016
The Asia Development Institute, Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University, will convene 2016 Asia Policy Development Programme and call for papers on the topics of <Sustainable Development and Public Administration> from GMPA alumni.    
We are particularly pleased that the ADI will invite some of the alumni of Global Master of Public Administration Programme to 2016 APDP Special Seminar in order to share their experience in public administration related to economic and social development at home countries. The ADI is particularly intended to invite papers that will illustrate the transformative experience of the GMPA alumni after returning to work at home by doing knowledge-sharing through seminar and workshop, networking in joint development project, and making efforts for institutional improvement.
Those who would like to participate in 2016 APDP seminar, please send us your abstract and paper by June 30 (Thu), 2016.  The ADI will select the papers for the conference.
• ESSAY TOPIC:  <Sustainable Development and Public Administration>
   o Under the theme of <Sustainable Development and Public Administration>, specific subjects can be narrowed down based on your transformative experiences in public administration.
   o  Essay may include, for example, methods of application, obstacles which have been encountered in the process of application, ways to overcome those difficulties, and its result etc.
• ELIGIBILITY:  All GMPA Graduates working in public sector
• SUBMISSION: Abstract (500 words, 1 page) and Essay (3,000 words, 5~7 pages) in English
                               (12pt, single space, MSword)
• Methods of Submission: Via email []
• CLOSING DATE:  June 30 (Thu), 2016
   The ADI will select eight or ten GMPA alumni for the conference and will provide one round trip airfare (economy  class) to Korea, hotel accommodation and meals to attend 2016 APDP Seminar to be held on August 29 (Mon) ~  August 30 (Tue) 2016 at the Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University.
GMPA Office
Graduate School of Public Administration
Seoul National University


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