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(170309) Announcement of 2017 KOICA-SNU Scholarship Program
Dear GMPA Graduates and GMPA Students,

I am pleased to announce the Program Information of 2017 KOICA-SNU Master’s Degree Program in Public Management and Public Sector Reforms. 

Due to time limit, I need your assistance to disseminate the program information of KOICA-SNU Scholarship Program and recommend potential candidates for GMPA Program.

The Admission Timeline will be as follows:

 ★The scheduled dates shown are based on the local time in South Korea and are subject to change.

For those who want to apply for 2017 KOICA-SNU Scholarship Program, please contact KOICA Office in their home country for the submission of application packages and on-site interview schedule. .

Encl: 1. Program Information of 2017 SNU-KOICA Scholarship Program
         2. Applicaiton Forms of KOICA and SNU-GSPA




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