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I. 2017 Global Master of Public Administration Program(GMPA) Information for International Students

Program Title : KOICA-SNU Master’s Degree Program in Public Management and Public Sector Reforms


1)Stay duration: August 13, 2017 ~ December 31, 2018 (17 months of study in Korea)
During their 17 months in SNU, students are strongly recommended to complete their thesis.
2)Academic duration: September 2017 ~ August 2019 (24 months)
In accordance to the university regulations, the diploma will be issued in August 2019.

Application Eligibility:

- Be a citizen of the country which has a cooperative relationship with KOICA.
- Be a government or municipality official, or a researcher, an instructor in state institutes working in his/her home country with a Bachelor’s degree or higher (Private sector employees are not eligible) with your organization concerned with Public Management and Public Sector Reforms
- Have a good command of both spoken and written English to take classes conducted entirely in English and to be able to write academic reports and theses in English
- Be preferably under 40 years of age in good health, both physically and mentally, to complete the program.
* Pregnancy is regarded as a disqualifying condition for participating in this program.
* Having Tuberculosis or any kind of contagious disease is regarded as a disqualifying condition for participating in this program.
- Not be a person who has withdrawn before from KOICA’s scholarship program.
* Person belonging to the institution in which candidates submitted false documents and returned to his/her country arbitrarily in the middle of SP program cannot be applied
- Have not participated in KOICA’s scholarship program or any of the Korean Government’s Scholarship Program previously (Master’s degree program).

Application Decision Process

  • Application Package Submission
    - Prepare all required documents for your admission package and fill out the ‘Document Checklist’. Check whether all information is correct.
    - Submit the application package (including both Seoul National University and KOICA application forms and other required documents) to the regional KOICA office or Korean Embassy (if KOICA office is unavailable) by the submission date (April 9, 2017).
    - Original copies should be sent to Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA), Seoul National University (SNU) before the Essay Test and Skype Interview.
  • On-site Interview (KOICA)
    Participate in an on-site interview by KOICA regional office or Korean Embassy. If an applicant lives in a country where the KOICA regional office / Embassy does not exist or lives far from the capital city, he/she can be interviewed by phone after consulting with the KOICA regional office / Embassy
  • 1st Round: Document Screening (GSPA-SNU)
    - Applicants nominated by the regional KOICA office or Korean Embassy (if KOICA office is unavailable) as a result of the on-site interview and have submitted their application packages, are considered for document screening.
    - Document screening will be processed by GSPA-SNU. Application package as well as the on-site interview result will be thoroughly reviewed by committee of GSPA-SNU.
    - Every component included in the application package such as the reputation of undergraduate school, undergraduate GPA, study plan, and personal statements, potential and personal achievements of the applicant, letters of recommendation, English proficiency, current affiliation, working experience and will be evenly evaluated.
    - The result for the 1st round selection will be announced to the applicants through regional KOICA offices.
    * It is a policy of the university not to disclose the result of the document screening.
  • 2nd Round: Essay Test and Skype Interview (GSPA-SNU)
    - An opportunity for essay test and Skype interview will be given only to those who pass through the 1st selection document screening successfully.
    - Details of the interview including the interviewee list will be sent to the regional KOICA offices and interview arrangements will be made respectively.
    - 2nd round schedule will be notified individually by the regional KOICA offices or Korean embassy with 5 days’ notice in advance.
    - The result for the essay test and Skype interview will be announced to the applicants individually by KOICA.
  • Medical Check-up (Local)
    ㅇ(Summary) The medical check-up results will identify the applicants’ health conditions, and doctors belong to the coordinating agency will verify factors that hamper the completion of the scholarship program.
    ㅇ(Recipient) Applicants who successfully pass the 2nd round (limited to about 130% of capacity)
    - Applicants who successfully pass the 2nd round must receive an additional medical check-up. If you fail to take the examination within the given time, you will be disqualified.
    -Even though you are on the waiting list, you must receive the medical check-up.
    ㅇ(Result notice) The local medical institution does not inform the participant of the results of the examination, but if the participants request to the coordinating agency, they will send it to you directly.
    - You may be asked to receive re-examination by the coordinating agency to certain your medical condition.


    Required Documents:

    * All documents should be handed in to the regional KOICA Office or the qualified government office. We will NOT consider any documents submitted to the GSPA-SNU. You are required to submit ALL of the following documents.

    1) KOICA Application Form
    2) Seoul National University Forms (refer to
    - Application Form (Form 1)
    - Personal Statement and Study Plan (Form 2)
    - Two Letters of Recommendation (Form 3) from two different professors with signature and stamp on the sealed envelope by recommender
    - Financial Certification (Form 4)
    - Agreement for Verification of Academic Record (Form 5)
    3) Official Bachelor's Transcript and Degree/or Graduation Certificate
    4) A copy of the Applicant's Passport (or other official document indicating your nationality)
    5) Copies of Both Parents' Passports (or other official document indicating parents’ nationality such as Identification Card)
    6) Official document indicating parent-child relationship between the applicant and parents: Applicant's Birth Certificate or Household Register proving the parent-child relationship
    7) Curriculum Vitae
    8) Certificate of Employment
    9) Proof of English Proficiency: Applicants should submit a score of recognized English proficiency test such as TOEFL, TEPS, IELTS or other supporting documents which demonstrates appropriate English proficiency.


    Important Notes for All Applicants:

    1. All forms should be typed in English and all the supporting documents should be in English. Documents in any other language should be accompanied by a notarized English translation.
    2. Original documents should be submitted. (If it is unavailable, the originating institution must authorize copies before they are submitted.)
    3. If any of the submitted materials contain false information, admission will be rescinded.
    4. Applicants whose forms and supporting documents are incomplete or unsatisfactory will be disqualified from the admission process.
    5. Applicants should take full responsibility for any disadvantage due to the mistakes or omissions on the application.
    6. Make sure you keep photocopies of all completed forms, as all submitted documents will become property of SNU and will not be returned to the applicants.
    7. Agreement for Verification of Academic Record is required and will also be considered as a part of your application.
    8. Make sure that, in principle, any modification or cancellation will not be accepted after application has been submitted.
    9. We do NOT provide unsuccessful applicants feedback or reasons for our decisions.


    II. 2017 Global Master of Public Administration Program (GMPA) Information for Korean Applicats from Korean Government

    Program Title: Global Master of Public Administration (GMPA)


    1)Year-1: August 13, 2017 ~ July 2018 (12 months of study in Korea)
    During their 12 months in SNU, students are strongly recommended to complete their thesis.
    2)Year-2: September 2018 ~ August 2019 (12 months overseas)
    Students continue their study in one of our collaborating universities of their choice, the world class universities that have signed a MOU with our school for the following year to earn joint MPA degrees.

    The list of collaborating universities (as of March 2017)

    The School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University (SPEA)
    Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University (Maxwell)
    Sol Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California (USC Price)
    The School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers University (RU SPAA)
    Duke Center for International Development, Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University (DCID)
    The School of Public Affairs/College of Public Program, Arizona State University(ASU)
    The School of Public and International Affairs, University of Georgia, USA (SPIA)

    Application Decision Process

    Procedure Dates
    Step 1.
    Online application
    April 17 - 21, 2017
    Step 2.
    Documents Submission to GSPA-SNU by mail or in person
    5:00 pm, April 24, 2017
    Step 3.
    Document Screening
    April 25 – 30  2017
    Step 4.
    To be confirmed
    Step 5.
    Final Admissions Notification
    June 8, 2017


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