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The Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University launched the Global Master of Public Administration (GMPA) program in September, 2011. The GMPA program is an important collaborative effort of Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA), Seoul National University and Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) to contribute the capacity-building efforts of developing countries and to enhance economic and social development of their countries.

GMPA program was officially established as one of majors in the Department of Public Administration, Graduate School of Public Administration in September 2014. GMPA student currently consists of the two different, but highly relevant, strands of people: the first group includes highly promising public officials from developing countries, the other group includes the public officials from the Korean government, selected by the Ministry of Security and Public Administration, Republic of Korea and professionals from public sectors such as public news media. They are studying together, sharing experiences and building network in the GMPA.

For more than last 55 years, we have produced prominent leaders in the public sector as well as professors and researchers in the universities and educational institutes in the field of public administration and public policy. We are proud that we have been an intellectual driving force for the Korea’s economic and social development.

Our mission is to educate government officials of developing countries as well as the Korean government officials to equip new knowledge for development and generate ideas that provide policy solutions to the world’s most challenging public issues.

The GMPA program has marked a new beginning for the Graduate School of Public Administration. As an institution leading the globalization, our vision is set to bring prosperity and harmony in Asia and the world beyond by bring together and educate brightest students from the world.

We are fully committed to nurture GMPA students of developing countries and the Korean Government to make a good for the society and country, and eventually the world.


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