GMPA Public Management

Master's Degree

Program Overview

▣ Program Title: KOICA-SNU Master's Degree Program in Public Management and Administrative Reform

▣ Degree: Master of Public Administration (MPA)

▣ Duration: 

1)  Stay Duration: August 16, 2024 ~ December 31, 2025 (Approx. 17 months) 

     During 17 months in SNU, students are required to complete their thesis. 

2)  Academic duration: September 2024 ~ February 2026 (18 months)

     According to the  university regulations, the diploma will be issued in February 2026. 

▣ Objectives:

1) To Enhance the public administration capabilities of KOICA partner countries by cultivating talents oriented towards problem-solving through the development of core public management skills
2) To Contribute to the innovation and strengthening of digital capabilities in the public sector of KOICA partner countries by developing leaders in administrative reform and digital transformation
3) To Foster talents who will lead the localization of the Korean national development model, thereby contributing to the global dissemination of the Korean model and the establishment of a global knowledge network 

▣ Training Institute: Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University (

▣ Number of Participants: 15 Government Officials 


1) Applicants who meet the qualifications of KOICA scholarship Program

2) Must be in good physical and mental health to complete the program

(*Note: Tuberculosis, or any kind of contagious disease are regarded as disqualifying conditions)

3) Level of Education: Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher) or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution: 

※ Applicants who earned higher education credentials/certificates outside the conventional education system are not eligible to apply. Those “credentials/certificates” include, but are not limited to:

- Bachelor’s Degree Examination for Self-Education (in Korea) or other qualification/degree equivalency exams

- Home schooling and/or cyber schooling (Applicants who were required to take courses offered by their institution online/remotely due to COVID-19 are eligible to apply if they provide the Explanatory Statement and corresponding official evidence.) 

※ Applicants who will complete their courses by August 31, 2024, and whose degree is awarded in September 2024 are eligible as well.

4) Citizenship/Nationality Requirements

○ Neither the applicant nor their parents are Korean citizens. 

※ If the applicant and/or his/her parents were Korean citizens before, he/she must renounce Korean citizenship by the application deadline. In this case, he/she must submit an official certificate of renunciation of Korean nationality. (Certificate for renunciation of Korean citizenship, Korean residence registration as a foreigner, etc.)

▣ Language: English fluency that requires no translation 

▣ How to apply to the KOICA-SNU Master’s Degree Program in Public Management and Administrative Reform

Step 1. Submit the required document of the KOICA SP program to KOICA overseas office (Korean Embassy) for the KOICA (Korean Embassy) Round in March 2024 (Please refer to KOICA overseas office website to check the submission schedule)

Step 2. If you are successful in the KOICA Round, please submit the required GSPA-SNU documents. Please refer to page 27~29 of Program Information of the KOICA-SNU Master’s Degree Program in Public Management and Administrative Reform.

▣ Accommodations

Seoul National University Dormitory (Gwanak Residence Halls) during  your  stay  in Graduate School  of  Public  Administration, Seoul  National  University  
  ∙ Double occupancy: 2 people per room
  ∙ Each room is equipped with a bed, desk, bookshelf, closet (per person), interphone, and refrigerator.
  ∙ Personal items, including blankets and pillows, are NOT provided.
  ∙ Possessing or using any electric heating appliances is banned.
  ∙ Dormitory facilities: cafeteria, convenient store, snack bars, gym, prayer room for Muslim students
  ∙ Cooking in the dormitory room is prohibited. But in a communal kitchen. 
  ∙ Each residence hall has a shared kitchen on each floor.
  ∙ Each residence hall has a communal laundry area.

▣ Program Information of the KOICA-SNU Master's Degree Program in Public Management and Administrative Reform

1.PI_Seoul National University_Public Management and Administrative Reform(Master).pdf

▣ SNU Master's Degree Program Application Forms

SNU application form for Master's