Program Overview

Public Management and 

Public Sector Reforms
(Developing countries)

Capacity Building for SDGs
(Extend for Asian countries)

SNU-KOICA Global Master of Public Administration (GMPA) was launched in September 2011 with a combined effort of Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA), Seoul National University (SNU) and Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) to contribute the capacity-building efforts of developing countries and to enhance economic and social development.

The GMPA program also began to educate Korean public officials and professionals. All the lectures, and academic administration for GMPA students are conducted in English.

The GMPA program for the public officials of developing countries lasts for 16 months. And the GMPA program for Korean public officials is designed to study the first year in SNU and then continue their study in one of our collaborating universities of their choice, the world-class universities that have signed an MOU with our school, for the following year to earn dual MPA degrees from both institutes.

Since the GMPA program was first launched in September 2011, we have been accepting about 15 to 20 selected public officials from developing countries each year and about 12 selected public officials of the Korean Government from September 2014.

So far 274 participants from 45 different countries graduated from the GSPA-SNU. And 198 participants from 44 different countries and 80 participants from the Korean Government (including 9 participants studying in USA) now attend the GMPA program as of April 2021.