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The < Master’s Degree Program in Public Management and Public Sector Reforms > course consists of 6 modules curriculum and 4 modules special activities. The 10 modules have been designed to deliver the academic contents in systematic and in-depth manner as follows.


1) In order to learn basic theories of public management and understand the methods to apply for work-site operations, and to build the capacity of evidence-based policy making and evaluation, <Social Research Methods of Public Administration>, and <Statistical Analysis of Public Administration> courses are offered in the regular semesters. For students who do not have sufficient knowledge about statistics, <Basic Statistics> is also offered during preparatory session as a prerequisite learning. 

2) <Theories of Global Public Administration> and <Theories of Public Policy and Institution> courses are offered to understand the basics of public administration and public policy.
Required Courses Basic Theories • Theories of Global Public Administration
• Theories of Public Policy and Institution
Methodology • Social Research Methods of Public Administration
• Statistical Analysis of Public Administration
• Reading & Research I &Ⅱ

3) Based on the basic theories and methodology, advanced courses on organization, personnel management, finance, local government and policy process are offered:

Elective Courses Organization Management • Organization and Public Administration
• Government and Transparency
• Public Sector Reforms
Personal Management • Public Personnel Administration
• Global Leadership and Public Ethics
• Performance Pay: Theory and Evidence
Finance Management • Economic Analysis
• Introduction to Government Accounting
Local Government • Urban Government
• Central-local Relations
Policy Process • Policy Analysis
• Project Cycle Management
• Development Policies in the Global Context
• Diplomacy and Policy
• International Politics
• Analyzing Cases of Public Policies
• ODA Management and Evaluation


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