Which Programs?


  • To nurture global smart talents among public officials from developing countries to take the lead of economic and social development in their countries in response to the age of globalization.

  • To establish competence in administration·policy in developing countries, which should be the priority for their national development. The program offers knowledge of human resources, organization, and finance which are the basis of the administration and helps its students have professional ability in analysis based on theory and practice of economic policy in different sectors. The students will be trained to cultivate leadership as a leader of the public sector and eventually become a professional in administration·policy to contribute to the creation of global value.

  • To initiate officers into usable knowledge of Korea's system in development administration and economic development as well as to share the mythological experience of Korea’s development in economic society with newcomers, which will ultimately contribute to the development of the students’ home country after the completion of their degree.

  • To play a key role in forming a network hub for the future leaders of developing countries in order to be responsible for the global society, upgrade the national standing in terms of diplomacy, and build a strategic partnership. This will contribute to the improvement of the educational effect and the establishment of network through academic exchanges and vivid discussions with selected Korean public officials who starts participating in our newly established program "Global Master of Public Administration," in Graduate School of Public Administration in September 2014.