About GMPA

Younghan Chun 

Dean of the Graduate School of Public Administration,  Seoul National University

| Dean's Message

Welcome to “Global Master of Public Administration (GMPA)”, a unique program of the Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA) at Seoul National University (SNU). In the world of globalization, international cooperation is an important imperative for the GSPA, as a leading school in the field of public administration, to serve our mission to share the knowledge and experience we have gained through the development in Korean history by training the most outstanding public officials from developing countries as well as those from Korea. 

GMPA program was launched in 2011 in cooperation with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), a national agency for ODA. Since then we have accepted approximately 20 qualified students from developing countries each year, who were awarded scholarships by either KOICA or the school’s own scholarship programs. In September 2014, GMPA was fully accredited as an official major in the Department of Public Administration, Graduate School of Public Administration. Now there are two groups of master students in GMPA program: one for public officials from developing countries and another for Korean public officials, selected by the Ministry of Security and Public Administration, Republic of Korea and professionals in public sector such as public news media.


The GMPA program for public officials from developing countries is designed for a study period of 16 months at SNU for a master’s degree, while the GMPA program for Korean public offers a joint MPA degree program consisting of study at SNU in the first year, and then the in the following year(s) at one of our collaborating universities of their choice, in partnership with over six world-class universities that have signed an MOU with our school.


Although these groups of students are both relatively new in our GSPA history, we strongly believe that they will form an excellent community contributing to the global society with a huge support from the relevant government institutions, international organizations, and schools from all over the world. We expect more highly-qualified students to apply for our program and all graduates to contribute to their country’s development, and to building a leading global network. We, the faculty and staff members of GSPA, will also walk in step with you to achieve every one of your goals.