The SP Application

The KOICA Scholarship Program(SP)

Program Title: KOICA-SNU Master's Degree Program in Capacity Building for SDGs (Asia) 

🟤Degree: Master of Public Administration (MPA) 


1) Stay Duration: August 27, 2023 ~ December 31, 2024 (about 17 months)
During their stay at SNU, students are strongly recommended to complete their thesis.

2) Academic duration: September 2023~ February 2025 (18 months)
In accordance with the university regulations, the diploma will be issued in February 2025.


Prospective applicants must meet all of the following conditions.

(1) Citizenship: Be a citizen of the Scholarship Program target country

(2) Government Nomination: Be officially nominated by his/her government

  -be a government employee with a minimum 2 years of experience in the field of study

* Exception  - Applicants with an ‘international NGO’ background may apply for the program with two letters of recommendations:
  1) Your government office; and
  2) Korean Embassy, world widely known NGO, UN-associated organizations, or the KOICA Organization within your region
  Applicants with ‘international NGO’ background are ONLY allowed to apply for KOICA-AJOU Master’s Degree Program in Civil Society Leadership

(3) Age: (Preferably) Be under age 40 as of February 1, 2023.

(4) Health: Be in good health, both physically and mentally.
        - Those with disabilities, but in good mental and physical health, are eligible to apply.
        - Those with severe illness are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply.

(5) Level of Education: Have a completed Bachelor Degree or an equivalent to college / university level educational background.
* Some program have specific qualifications in terms of level of education, and refer to Program Information of each program.

(6) English Proficiency: Have a good command of both spoken and written English in order to take classes conducted entirely in English and to be able to write academic reports and theses in English.

(7) Not be a person who has withdrawn from KOICA’s scholarship program.

(8) Have not participated in KOICA scholarship program or any of the Korean Government’s Scholarship Program before.

(9) (Preferably) Be employed by your government during and after the program 

       -be engaged in the expertized area of your study as an official servant of your government)

(10) Other qualifications from the university you are going to apply (refer to the Program Information

🟤Number of Participants: 15 Government Officials

|Selection Procedures for 2023 Fall Semester|

Step 1. March 10                            : Application deadline (to the KOICA overseas office and the Korean Embassy) 

Step 2. March 10 ~ March 20   : On-site Interview (KOICA)

Step 3. March 31 ~ April 10       : Document Screening (University)

Step 4. April 28                              : Result of Document Screening

Step 5. April 29 ~ May 26          : Interview (University)

Step 6. June 3 ~ June 19              : Medical Checkup (Local)

Step 7. June 23                                : Admission Notification (result of Medical Checkup)

Step 8. August                                 : Entry to Korea (Medical check-up in Korea. etc)

* The timeline for the selection process and date of ‘Entry to Korea’ above would be changed due to the COVID19 pandemic.
** If you are disqualified for a long-term stay by the medical check-up in Korea, you may be deported even if you have successfully passed the local check-up in your country.

🟤Required Documents

All documents should be sent to the KOICA overseas office or the relevant government office.
* KOICA document and University document should be sealed separately in a different envelope.

   ** An original copy should be sent to the regional KOICA office or the relevant government office with the sealed envelope for your privacy protection              till the end of the local medical checkup. (After the medical checkup, an original copy should be handed in to the university directly by the applicant)