GMPA Newsletter no. 1

Global Master of Public Administration


It has already been two months since 2022 began, and we are about to welcome a warm spring. However, the COVID-19 situation still shows no signs of improvement. Nevertheless, in February, GMPA students wrapped up the winter semester well by participating online or in person and attended the thesis workshop and the special lecture after the semester. We hope the COVID-19 situation will improve as soon as possible so that all students around the world, including GMPA students, can fully enjoy campus life.

GMPA News 1

2022 Holistic Global Citizenship Program

Ban Ki-moon Institute for Global Education in Support of UN Academic Impact (IGE) is the world's first institute to provide Globally Responsible and Advanced Citizenship Education (GRACE) for sustainable peace and prosperity in the 21st Century. Starting from the Fall 2019 semester, IGE, an institute affiliated with Handong Global University (HGU), offers Holistic Global Citizenship Program (HGCP) to develop global leaders in the era of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). GMPA had the opportunity to hold this special program as a special lecture at Seoul National University.

This special lecture consisted of a total of 5 sessions and was given by three great professors, Professor Edward-Purnell, Professor Deok-Su Seo and Professor Chung Rok Pang. The title and lecturer of each session were as follows.

  1. 'Citizenship, Ethics and Selected SDGs' by Professor Edward-Purnell (Handong International Law School)

  2. 'Cultivating Ethical Leadership through Holistic Global Citizenship Education' by Professor Edward-Purnell (Handong International Law School)

  3. 'Advanced Capacity Building for Sustainable Citizen Participation' by Professor Deok-su Seo (Handong Global University)

  4. 'Sustainable Residential Development with Networking and Partnership' by Professor Deok-su Seo (Handong Global University)

  5. 'Participation and Empowerment in Practice' by Professor Chung Rok Pang (Handong Global University)

The lectures were conducted online and offline in compliance with the COVID-19 quarantine rules and received great praise from students.

GMPA News 2

2022 GMPA Thesis Workshop

Thesis workshop was held from February 7 to 9 at Graduate School of Public Administration building. There were seniors who had completed the preliminary thesis examination and freshmen who had just begun writing the thesis. Students prepared and gave presentation about their thesis topics on public administration according to each situation and professors of GMPA gave feedbacks based on the presentation.

There was a student who was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, but even during quarantine, she attended a workshop at the dormitory with overflowing passion, presented her thesis plan and received feedback. After the workshop, students were able to develop thesis writing skills and learn how to write clear thesis statement. GMPA prepared the refreshments for students to eat before and after the workshop.

GMPA Information 1

GMPA Application, Fall, 2022 begins

If you've been waiting for GMPA admission, please pay attention. '2022 KOICA Application Guideline' and 'Fall 2022 Graduate Admissions Guide for International Students' have been released. If you are a public official and qualified for the KOICA Scholarship, please try the KOICA Scholarship Program (SP). Please check our site and ‘KOICA Application Guideline‘ below, in order to check detailed plan and procedure for 2022 KOICA Scholarship Program Application.

(KOICA) Application Guideline_2022.docx

Those who did not meet the qualifications for the KOICA Scholarship Program but still want to join our program can try Seoul National University application for International Students Admissions, Graduate, Fall, 2022. Please refer to the guide below for application details.

2022 Fall Graduate Admissions Guide.pdf

International students who want to apply for GMPA not through the KOICA scholarship must follow this guide. After the admission, GMPA students who applied as general students will have the same curriculum as those who have received KOICA scholarships. For more details, please click here.